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If you are new to yoga this is it! Walking in to a big yoga studio can be hard to for the first time, that is why I start this sessions. Just try it... it's in my place, everyone is new to yoga: so have no shame!
Play, loose your fears and let it go.

2 Tone your Body with Yoga

Music for the body, Inspiration for the soul, Passion for the Heart ॐ

I'm a smiling Yogini

I’m honored you are here. Enjoy my love for yoga and my love for life.

Don't be shy and contact me ♥
I live in Brussels, Belgium ... the heart of Europe. You can write or phone me and feel free to check my accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Have fun!

Resently I joined this wonderfull group of yogi’s in Brussels! It's the KARMA YOGA PROJECT BRUSSELS.

I teach to all levels.

Beginners can enjoy the beginnings of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow during my "Discover Yoga" classes. But this can also be a "Re-Discover Yoga" for you.