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If you are new to yoga this is it! Walking in to a big yoga studio can be hard to for the first time, that is why I start this sessions. Just try it... it's in my place, everyone is new to yoga: so have no shame!
Play, loose your fears and let it go.

I’m honored you are here. Enjoy my love for yoga and my love for life.


You are all welcome to enjoy the next Karma Yoga Class on the 16th of december!

With this class I want to support Cinemaxmiliaan a non-profit organisation that organises pop-up cinema from people and with people on the move.

Check their fb page or website for more information on their amazing work.

cinema for and from people on the move

Next to good Karma you will get a Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Flow back to basics with the focus on detexification of the body and the mind. We will start with pranayama and warm-up, followed by asana’s and end it with a relaxation in savasana. By first detoxifying the body and mind you can fill your heart, soul and body with everything that’s good.

Suggested donation: 8euro

Date & hour: 16th December 2017 at 14u30

Thank you Hanna Summanen for opening the studio for this initiative

Say you will be there on the Karma Yoga FB pageSign in for the Karma Yoga Class

If you can not join the class but would like to support, don’t hesitate and contact me ♡

Lots of love! And hopefully until then.


Don't be shy and contact me ♥
I live in Brussels, Belgium ... the heart of Europe. You can write or phone me and feel free to check my accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Have fun!

Resently I joined this wonderfull group of yogi’s in Brussels! It's the KARMA YOGA PROJECT BRUSSELS.

I teach to all levels.

Beginners can enjoy the beginnings of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow during my "Discover Yoga" classes. But this can also be a "Re-Discover Yoga" for you.